Microsoft Teams as Help Desk Ticketing System

Can Microsoft Teams Be Used as Help Desk Ticketing System?

Productive offices are known for being able to handle and solve problems quickly. Creating a smooth help desk system in Teams will level up your whole company. When employees use Microsoft Teams as a help desk system, they can get help without having to leave the app they already use to work together, chat, and […]

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data conversion services

Understanding Outsourcing Data Conversion Services

Technology is at the forefront of most business operations across the globe. The internet and the online revolution have transformed the way people used to do business before. There is a significant amount of data to process, and it is available in different formats. That’s where the challenge lies. It is thus essential to organize, […]

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The Need for Continuous Intelligence in Digital Transformation

In a recent conversation, I heard a counter-argument that digital transformation is just a fad promoted by tech firms. Apart from the fact that I strongly disagree with this, it made me realize that many people are unaware of the magnitude of change that is occurring in companies today as a result of digital transformation. […]

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Total Reward Statements

How Total Reward Statements redefine the employee experience?

Gone are the days when employees focus more on monetary benefits than work-life balance. With these changing times, individuals are seeking more flexible work environments, better growth opportunities, appreciation for their efforts, meaning in their work, a sense of belongingness, and much more. As a result, many organizations are restructuring their total reward package as […]

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Cloud Systems

How are Cloud Systems Helping Businesses Rewrite Their Destiny?

The advancement in technology has helped businesses in many ways. Communication has transformed the way we do businesses across the globe.  There has been advancement in the technologies related to business communication, and experts say that the best is yet to come. They have simplified the way people communicate to an unanticipated level and have […]

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