Thursday, December 01, 2022

COVID-19 Confirmed CASES
  • World 648,131,962
    Confirmed: 648,131,962
    Active: 15,463,407
    Recovered: 626,027,852
    Death: 6,640,703
  • USA 100,625,493
    Confirmed: 100,625,493
    Active: 1,395,911
    Recovered: 98,124,036
    Death: 1,105,546
  • India 44,673,379
    Confirmed: 44,673,379
    Active: 5,887
    Recovered: 44,136,872
    Death: 530,620
  • France 37,846,799
    Confirmed: 37,846,799
    Active: 778,711
    Recovered: 36,909,138
    Death: 158,950
  • Germany 36,499,600
    Confirmed: 36,499,600
    Active: 519,757
    Recovered: 35,821,900
    Death: 157,943
  • Brazil 35,304,715
    Confirmed: 35,304,715
    Active: 378,995
    Recovered: 34,235,867
    Death: 689,853
  • Italy 24,260,660
    Confirmed: 24,260,660
    Active: 492,457
    Recovered: 23,587,105
    Death: 181,098
  • UK 24,000,101
    Confirmed: 24,000,101
    Active: 61,525
    Recovered: 23,741,755
    Death: 196,821
  • Russia 21,597,613
    Confirmed: 21,597,613
    Active: 201,978
    Recovered: 21,003,575
    Death: 392,060
  • Turkey 17,005,537
    Confirmed: 17,005,537
    Active: N/A
    Recovered: 16,904,137
    Death: 101,400
  • Spain 13,595,504
    Confirmed: 13,595,504
    Active: 97,310
    Recovered: 13,382,293
    Death: 115,901
  • Australia 10,659,898
    Confirmed: 10,659,898
    Active: 97,659
    Recovered: 10,546,102
    Death: 16,137
  • Iran 7,559,706
    Confirmed: 7,559,706
    Active: 79,895
    Recovered: 7,335,178
    Death: 144,633
  • Mexico 7,132,792
    Confirmed: 7,132,792
    Active: 401,508
    Recovered: 6,400,759
    Death: 330,525
  • Chile 4,920,010
    Confirmed: 4,920,010
    Active: 9,820
    Recovered: 4,847,768
    Death: 62,422
  • Peru 4,252,383
    Confirmed: 4,252,383
    Active: 68,172
    Recovered: 3,966,797
    Death: 217,414
  • South Africa 4,041,890
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 4,041,890
    Active: 26,956
    Recovered: 3,912,506
    Death: 102,428
  • Bangladesh 2,036,585
    Confirmed: 2,036,585
    Active: 21,322
    Recovered: 1,985,830
    Death: 29,433
  • Pakistan 1,575,226
    Confirmed: 1,575,226
    Active: 5,905
    Recovered: 1,538,689
    Death: 30,632
  • Saudi Arabia 825,597
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 825,597
    Active: 3,001
    Recovered: 813,132
    Death: 9,464
  • China 323,686
    Confirmed: 323,686
    Active: 37,347
    Recovered: 281,106
    Death: 5,233

01 Dec 2022, 9:46 AM (GMT)

Worldwide Covid-19 Update

648,132,517 😷 Total Cases
6,640,712 😥 Death Cases
626,027,852 😇 Recovered


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