Tuesday, September 27, 2022

COVID-19 Confirmed CASES
  • World 620,895,664
    Confirmed: 620,895,664
    Active: 13,167,239
    Recovered: 601,186,375
    Death: 6,542,050
  • USA 97,959,573
    Confirmed: 97,959,573
    Active: 2,181,924
    Recovered: 94,695,619
    Death: 1,082,030
  • India 44,575,473
    Confirmed: 44,575,473
    Active: 42,358
    Recovered: 44,004,553
    Death: 528,562
  • France 35,164,535
    Confirmed: 35,164,535
    Active: 541,437
    Recovered: 34,468,138
    Death: 154,960
  • Brazil 34,681,231
    Confirmed: 34,681,231
    Active: 177,310
    Recovered: 33,818,040
    Death: 685,881
  • Germany 33,041,332
    Confirmed: 33,041,332
    Active: 677,456
    Recovered: 32,214,300
    Death: 149,576
  • UK 23,621,952
    Confirmed: 23,621,952
    Active: 96,616
    Recovered: 23,335,417
    Death: 189,919
  • Italy 22,358,487
    Confirmed: 22,358,487
    Active: 444,389
    Recovered: 21,737,122
    Death: 176,976
  • Russia 20,869,714
    Confirmed: 20,869,714
    Active: 622,460
    Recovered: 19,860,311
    Death: 386,943
  • Turkey 16,873,793
    Confirmed: 16,873,793
    Active: 27,827
    Recovered: 16,744,827
    Death: 101,139
  • Spain 13,403,502
    Confirmed: 13,403,502
    Active: 81,973
    Recovered: 13,207,520
    Death: 114,009
  • Australia 10,205,957
    Confirmed: 10,205,957
    Active: 57,513
    Recovered: 10,133,494
    Death: 14,950
  • Iran 7,547,706
    Confirmed: 7,547,706
    Active: 78,555
    Recovered: 7,324,742
    Death: 144,409
  • Mexico 7,082,034
    Confirmed: 7,082,034
    Active: 401,231
    Recovered: 6,350,757
    Death: 330,046
  • Chile 4,612,278
    Confirmed: 4,612,278
    Active: 14,870
    Recovered: 4,536,321
    Death: 61,087
  • Peru 4,141,410
    Confirmed: 4,141,410
    Active: 12,709
    Recovered: 3,912,187
    Death: 216,514
  • South Africa 4,017,788
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 4,017,788
    Active: 6,354
    Recovered: 3,909,265
    Death: 102,169
  • Bangladesh 2,023,145
    Confirmed: 2,023,145
    Active: 30,066
    Recovered: 1,963,719
    Death: 29,360
  • Pakistan 1,572,410
    Confirmed: 1,572,410
    Active: 4,874
    Recovered: 1,536,924
    Death: 30,612
  • Saudi Arabia 816,130
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 816,130
    Active: 3,431
    Recovered: 803,352
    Death: 9,347
  • China 249,929
    Confirmed: 249,929
    Active: 2,966
    Recovered: 241,737
    Death: 5,226

27 Sep 2022, 5:10 AM (GMT)

Worldwide Covid-19 Update

620,895,664 😷 Total Cases
6,542,050 😥 Death Cases
601,186,375 😇 Recovered


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