Wednesday, February 08, 2023

COVID-19 Confirmed CASES
  • World 676,702,076
    Confirmed: 676,702,076
    Active: 20,689,723
    Recovered: 649,237,338
    Death: 6,775,015
  • USA 104,537,372
    Confirmed: 104,537,372
    Active: 1,669,244
    Recovered: 101,731,168
    Death: 1,136,960
  • India 44,683,639
    Confirmed: 44,683,639
    Active: 1,785
    Recovered: 44,151,108
    Death: 530,746
  • France 39,548,117
    Confirmed: 39,548,117
    Active: 80,836
    Recovered: 39,302,812
    Death: 164,469
  • Germany 37,861,703
    Confirmed: 37,861,703
    Active: 209,704
    Recovered: 37,485,600
    Death: 166,399
  • Brazil 36,887,991
    Confirmed: 36,887,991
    Active: 180,565
    Recovered: 36,009,893
    Death: 697,533
  • Italy 25,488,166
    Confirmed: 25,488,166
    Active: 227,985
    Recovered: 25,072,909
    Death: 187,272
  • UK 24,293,752
    Confirmed: 24,293,752
    Active: 46,168
    Recovered: 24,042,686
    Death: 204,898
  • Russia 22,022,832
    Confirmed: 22,022,832
    Active: 225,983
    Recovered: 21,401,443
    Death: 395,406
  • Turkey 17,042,722
    Confirmed: 17,042,722
    Active: 16,941,230
    Recovered: N/A
    Death: 101,492
  • Spain 13,740,531
    Confirmed: 13,740,531
    Active: 52,322
    Recovered: 13,569,497
    Death: 118,712
  • Australia 11,312,904
    Confirmed: 11,312,904
    Active: 33,445
    Recovered: 11,260,631
    Death: 18,828
  • Iran 7,565,144
    Confirmed: 7,565,144
    Active: 82,377
    Recovered: 7,337,996
    Death: 144,771
  • Mexico 7,390,230
    Confirmed: 7,390,230
    Active: 426,507
    Recovered: 6,631,244
    Death: 332,479
  • Chile 5,130,204
    Confirmed: 5,130,204
    Active: 3,349
    Recovered: 5,062,941
    Death: 63,914
  • Peru 4,482,852
    Confirmed: 4,482,852
    Active: 2,389
    Recovered: 4,261,249
    Death: 219,214
  • South Africa 4,057,211
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 4,057,211
    Active: 42,110
    Recovered: 3,912,506
    Death: 102,595
  • Bangladesh 2,037,622
    Confirmed: 2,037,622
    Active: 13,666
    Recovered: 1,994,513
    Death: 29,443
  • Pakistan 1,576,427
    Confirmed: 1,576,427
    Active: 7,098
    Recovered: 1,538,689
    Death: 30,640
  • Saudi Arabia 828,356
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 828,356
    Active: 2,924
    Recovered: 815,846
    Death: 9,586
  • China 503,302
    Confirmed: 503,302
    Active: 118,977
    Recovered: 379,053
    Death: 5,272

08 Feb 2023, 2:37 AM (GMT)

Worldwide Covid-19 Update

676,702,076 😷 Total Cases
6,775,015 😥 Death Cases
649,237,338 😇 Recovered



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