Tips For Salon Interior Design In Dubai

Dubai has become known for its luxurious and modern interior designs. As the city continues to grow as a global destination, salon owners have an opportunity to create unique spaces that wow their customers. Though Dubai is filled with high-end salons, it’s still possible to make your salon’s interior design stand out.

The interior design of your salon can directly impact your brand image and clients’ experience. The proper design considerations can help attract new clients, keep existing ones coming back, and efficiently run your salon operations. Investing in salon interior design is especially important in a competitive market like Dubai.

This guide will provide tips to help salon owners and designers create inviting, functional, and memorable interiors to elevate a salon’s brand and client experience. We’ll cover critical elements like reception areas, equipment, lighting, color schemes, retail displays, zoning, wall decor, and materials. With strategic planning and design, your salon can become a destination that reflects the luxury and style of Dubai.

Create an Inviting Reception Area

The reception area sets the tone for the salon experience, making it warm and inviting. Use couches or padded chairs in neutral colors to ensure comfortable seating. Incorporate accent colors with pillows, rugs, or artwork.

Add calming elements like greenery, water features, or soft lighting. Place a coffee table with lifestyle magazines for customers to browse while they wait. Having snacks and beverages available also makes the space more welcoming.

Design the reception desk to be sleek and clutter-free. The staff should have a clear view of the entrance and waiting area. Display services, pricing, and promotional materials neatly and elegantly.

The goal is to create a luxurious yet relaxing vibe right from the moment clients walk in. An inviting reception area makes customers feel pampered and sets expectations for an enjoyable, relaxing visit.

Use Stylish Salon Equipment

Investing in high-quality, modern salon equipment is essential for creating an inviting client space. Choose stylish yet functional styling chairs, shampoo beds, reception desks, and other necessities to enhance the salon’s aesthetic.

Comfort should be a top priority when selecting salon chairs. Padded seats with adjustable heights allow stylists to work comfortably while clients can relax during services. Look for sleek chairs in leather, acrylic, or other easy-to-clean materials. Match reception chairs to the rest of the salon decor.

Stainless steel shampoo basins with comfortable headrests are a must-have. Select built-in basins or portable backwash units based on the salon layout. Adjustable spray hoses make it easy to adapt to each client. Invest in top-quality metal or ceramic styling tools like hair dryers, flat irons, and curling wands. Store everything neatly on matching rolling carts.

Opt for salon equipment with clean, simple lines rather than ornate or overdone designs. This creates a refined, welcoming environment that clients will enjoy. High-quality, properly maintained equipment also ensures the salon runs smoothly each day.

Incorporate Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is an essential element in salon design. It creates a warm, inviting ambiance preferable to harsh fluorescent lights. When designing your salon, look for ways to maximize natural light through large windows, skylights, and other openings.

Installing floor-to-ceiling windows along one wall floods the salon with soft, diffused light. Position styling stations near the windows so clients and stylists can enjoy the view and natural light. For privacy, consider choosing windows with frosted or patterned glass.

Skylights are another excellent way to fill your salon with natural light. Skylights allow sunlight to stream into the center of a room, not just along the edges. Ensure the skylights have covers or tinting to reduce glare and heat from direct sunlight. Position styling chairs beneath the skylights to highlight clients.

Consider installing a solar tube if your salon has a windowless wall. This tunnels natural light from the roof down into the room. Solar tubes require minimal construction yet still noticeably brighten the salon.

By thoughtfully incorporating windows, skylights, and solar tubes, your salon benefits from natural light’s unique aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. This small design investment pays off in the happiness of both your clients and team.

Pick a Cohesive Color Palette

A cohesive color palette is essential for a stylish, polished interior design in a Dubai salon. It’s important to use a complementary color scheme throughout the space when selecting colors. This creates visual harmony and makes the salon feel tranquil and inviting.

Some tips for creating a cohesive color palette:

  • Choose 2-3 primary colors to use throughout the salon. For example, pair neutral tones like creams and taupes with pops of color like berry or teal.
  • Use the primary colors on significant elements like walls, flooring, and furniture. Then, repeat them in accessories like pillows, art, and decorative objects.
  • Vary shades and tones of the primary colors for depth and interest. For example, use a deep plum wall color paired with pale lilac accents.
  • Limit bold colors to smaller accents. Too many bright colors can feel chaotic.
  • Consider light colors for walls and flooring to open up the space, with bolder colors in furnishings and decor.
  • Don’t overlook neutrals like white, tan, gray, or black. They make excellent base colors when paired with a few bold accent colors.
  • Make sure the color scheme aligns with your salon’s branding for a cohesive look.

Keeping colors harmonious ensures an upscale yet relaxing vibe in your Dubai salon interior design. Patients can enjoy a soothing environment that feels specially designed. A cohesive color palette shows your attention to detail in creating a stylish space.

Display Retail Products Strategically

Strategically displaying retail products in your salon design can increase sales. Dedicate space near the front desk or reception area to showcase the retail products you offer attractively. Ensure the display is visible and accessible to clients as they enter and exit. Use shelving, tables, or wall mounts to organize and arrange products neatly. Lighting and signage can further draw attention to retail offerings. Group similar products together and merchandise complementary items. Frequently rotate products to introduce new inventory. Keeping displays clean, dust-free, and well-stocked will encourage purchases. Scheduling promotions and sales around new product launches or seasons can boost retail performance. You can generate ongoing revenue from impulse purchases with a thoughtful retail display area incorporated into your salon design.

Create Zones Within the Salon

Creating separate zones for different salon services optimizes your space and enhances the client experience.

Here are some tips for zoning your salon interior design:

  • Define separate areas for hair, nails, facials, waxing, etc. This allows you to customize each zone for the ideal service setup. Use partitions, curtains, or walls to delimit the spaces.
  • Consider implementing soundproofing between zones to prevent noisy hair dryers from disturbing clients during facials. Acoustic paneling and materials like cork can effectively absorb excess noise.
  • Style each zone distinctly with appropriate lighting, furniture, and decorative elements. For example, softer lighting and more spa-like decor in the facial area.
  • Allow adequate space between stations and zones so clients and staff can move around comfortably. Pay attention to traffic flow.
  • Place louder, more bustling zones like the shampoo area farther from relaxation zones. Separate product prep/lab areas entirely.
  • Use signage and wayfinding tools like colors, theming, and artwork to help clients navigate the different salon zones.

Zoning your salon thoughtfully optimizes workflow and enhances the client’s experience. Visitors should feel pampered when they enter your oasis of beauty and relaxation.

Use Wall Decor and Artwork

Strategically decorating your salon’s walls is an impactful yet budget-friendly way to elevate the interior design. Use wall decor to establish your salon’s personality and style.

Hang mirrors on the walls to help open up smaller spaces and create depth. Place mirrors across from windows to reflect natural light. Full-length mirrors also allow clients to see their new look from all angles.

Display relevant artwork like vintage hair product ads or inspirational quotes to reinforce your brand image. Black and white graphic prints add an edgy, modern feel. Nature photography provides a soothing ambiance.

Install floating shelves to show off decorative items, awards, vases, and more. This doubles as storage and wall decor. Use shelves and ledges to merchandise retail hair products within reach of salon chairs. Accessible displays can boost impulse sales.

Remember to underestimate the power of wall decor to amplify your salon’s stylish aesthetic. Use a cohesive theme and place mirrors strategically to expand the sense of space. Arrange wall decor to highlight your brand personality for an Instagram-worthy interior.

Choose Durable, Easy-to-Clean Materials

When starting your salon interior design in Dubai, selecting durable and easy-to-clean materials is essential. High-traffic areas like reception desks, shampoo stations, and pedicure chairs need to stand up to heavy daily use. Spills, splashes, and accidents happen every day in salon environments, so materials should also be stain-resistant and able to be sanitized.

Look for materials like:

  • Tile – Tile is ideal for floors and walls in wet areas like shampoo stations. Ceramic, porcelain, and glass tile choices are available in many colors, patterns, textures, and sizes. The tile is waterproof, easy to clean, and stylish. Use a tile with a textured surface or small grout lines to help hide stains.
  • Stainless steel – With its sleek, modern look and high durability, stainless steel is a popular choice for various salon fixtures, including shampoo bowls, pedicure stations, shelves, cabinets, and reception desks. It withstands heavy use and is easy to sanitize. Opt for brushed stainless for a softer appearance or a mirror-finish for added shine.
  • Vinyl – Luxury, vinyl plank flooring is an excellent alternative to tile in heavy-traffic areas. It is completely waterproof and easy to clean and disinfect. New vinyl floors mimic the look of natural wood or stone. Sheet vinyl is affordable, durable, and practical for shampoo stations. Many patterns and solid colors are available.

Selecting suitable salon materials will help your business run efficiently while maintaining a beautiful, professional client environment. Consider durability, cleanability, and style when making design choices.


Salon interior design plays a crucial role in the success and growth of your business. A thoughtfully designed space can help attract new clients, keep existing clients coming back, and allow your staff to work efficiently. When planning your salon, focus on creating an inviting reception area, choosing high-quality salon equipment, incorporating natural light, picking a cohesive color palette, displaying retail products strategically, zoning different regions, adding wall décor, and using durable materials.

An interior design that aligns with your salon’s brand and vision will help shape a positive customer experience. Clients will feel relaxed in a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing environment that is also functional for staff. Invest time and thought into how you design and decorate your space. A salon with an upscale, polished look conveys quality and professionalism. This builds trust with clients and establishes your business as a premium destination. The tips provided in this article aim to help salon owners make interior design choices that support their brand image and promote success. With careful planning and implementation, your salon’s interior can facilitate growth and achieve your business goals.