Terms and Conditions

Updated 1st May 2022

Please read these terms and conditions thoroughly before beginning to upload content. You should understand that by uploading any Content, you are indicating your approval of the terms and conditions that are binding between the person (author) who submits any Content to globalemagazine.com (Website) and the Website’s owner, represented by the editorial people (the editorial team).

The Author/Contributor has to agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The author/contributor should be well aware that the article submitted by them to be published on the website ‘globalemagazine.com’ will not receive any compensation, now or in the future, for the material submitted, unless do not consent.
  2. The author/contributor agrees that all external backlinks except one are created as a “no follow” if not agreed upon prior to publishing the content. For clarity, the author should create the main “Do Follow” link before submitting the content.
  3. The Author’s articles will not be resold by the Editorial Team.
  4. The Author/contributor agrees that the content presented might be edited and amended by the Editorial Team, or it might be refused publication.
  5. Any content can be placed in any other part of the website and can be decided by the editorial team of the website without any notice to the author.
  6. The Editorial Team might decline to make modifications to previously published content on the Website.
  7. The Author/contributor agrees with the Websites privacy policy.
  8. The Website’s Editorial Team retains the right to publish/run the content for as long as it sees proper. There is no guarantee of lock-in duration or a minimum/maximum time of online availability.
  9. The Website’s Editorial Team retains the right to withdraw published content without explanation to the Author.
  10. All opinions stated in the content presented will be solely those of the author and do not represent those of the website. Any factual inaccuracies in the author’s text are exclusively the author’s responsibility. If such a mistake is proven and proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the author will be given the option to correct it promptly.
  11. Before contributing anything to the Website, the author must ensure that all copyright concerns pertaining to text, images, graphics, and any other material have been addressed.
  12. If we reject your work for any reason, it will be retained as a draft for a maximum of 30 days for modification and resubmission. If you do not take action within this time frame, it will be permanently removed from the draft area without warning.
  13. The author/contributor agrees to and abides by all the instructions and conditions mentioned on the write for us page.
  14. If you are an author or contributor and do not submit a post within fifteen days of account creation, your account will automatically be converted to a subscriber without notice.