Keeps Crashing Shutting Down

How to Rectify QuickBooks 2022 Keeps Crashing Shutting Down Problem Permanently

QuickBooks is one of the leading accounting software used by businesses as it offers you advanced robust features. But recently, amidst the variety of features, you might experience the issue of QuickBooks 2022 keeps crashing, and shutting down which can take place now and then. While using the accounting application, you might come across this problem, and due to this, the application may just freeze, preventing you from performing any further operations, and thus, will result in the user losing all the unsaved work and these kinds of crashes may also lead to the loss of crucial business accounting data. Thus, it’s essential to resolve such issues at the earliest, which you can do by following this article to the end.

Symptoms of QuickBooks 2022 Keeps Crashing Shutting Down

QuickBooks shuts down randomly in the following cases:

  • When you are randomly working on invoices or sales orders, QuickBooks may close without warning, and as a precautionary measure, make sure you close the first invoice or current report before moving to the next one. 
  • QuickBooks can easily handle a few reports simultaneously, but if you access several, it might find it difficult o function efficiently.
  • The increased workload of various reports operating simultaneously can cause this QuickBooks issue.
  • Users might notice their QuickBooks closes while mailing a large report which is a major sign of this issue.
  • The error can be encountered while working with a report or other various centers.

Best Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Desktop Keeps Crashing Error

To keep your data safe, make sure to first create a backup of your company data which will help you restore the QuickBooks company file in case of accidental data loss; for other troubleshooting steps, read the following steps.

Solution 1: Repair the Program to Rectify the Issue

This step might help you resolve the QuickBooks closes error unexpectedly; follow the below-given steps to repair the program.

  • You need to reboot the computer first, click on the Windows menu, and then go to the Control Panel.
  • Now, you have to choose the Programs and Features option followed by Uninstall a Program.
  • If you are unable to find the Programs and Features option, select Programs instead, and then you can select Program and Features.
  • From the list of Programs, you have to select QuickBooks followed by Uninstall/Change and look for the Company file.
  • Tap on Continue and on Repair, then click on Next.
  • Wait for the tool to start its diagnosis, and once done, click on Finish.

Solution 2: Update the  Windows to the Latest Version Available 

Outdated Window updates can result in an error, so you must update it to fix install errors by following the below-given steps:

  • Once the update completes, restart your workstation and move to the next step.
  • If you are able to access the QuickBooks application before the occurrence of this error, then attempt to lunch QuickBooks and your company file.
  • But, if due, for any reason, you are unable to install QuickBooks Desktop, try to download t again.
  • Lastly, if you can install and access the QuickBooks application, your error will be eliminated.


If you are facing QuickBooks 2022 Keeps Crashing Shutting Down Problem, then don’t panic; through this article, you will be able to eliminate the error permanently. In case the error persists, you can contact us at +1-855-738-0359 to get help from our team of experts.

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