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The Best Android Tablets in UAE in 2022

With more and more tech brands offering big-screen Android tablets, the list of the best Android tablets is growing. So it can be quite difficult to figure out which one is right for you – do you choose Samsung’s big and expensive slate, Amazon’s affordable slate, or a midrange Chinese slate with top power? Our team has tested a lot of Android tablets, and we have chosen the ten best options for you to consider in your search for the best Android tablet.

Although Apple has taken up most of the spots in our list of the best tablets overall, these devices are all worthy of consideration. Also included are mid-range and budget options that are worthy of consideration. Although all ten of these Android tablets rank among the best on the market, none of them are top-tier flagships, as we’ve selected only the very best. Certainly, there are some that are excellent value for money, but there are also some that are budget contenders.

In this list, we’ve tested every slate extensively, so we can compare each to the other and to the wider tablet landscape to see how they perform in specific areas. As a result, we developed this list based on all that first-hand experience – plus how much they cost and how good a value they are. Due to this, you can be sure that every tablet included is worth its place.

It’s worth looking into each option below regardless of whether you want the same slate, as this is a ranked list. For your convenience, we’ve highlighted the key positives and negatives for each. This list isn’t the end of the list, however. We also have guides for the buy tablet online in UAE and the best iPads if you’re looking for other options. In addition, each of these lists is regularly updated, so even if nothing catches your eye, you should check them periodically.

How do you choose the best Android tablet?

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra from Samsung

With its enormous 14.6-inch screen, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra may not be for everyone, but it is the ultimate Android tablet.

Despite its size, it is an ideal device for artists, document editors, note-takers, and other productivity tasks due to the S Pen stylus. There’s a great 12MP ultra-wide camera on the front of the Tab S8 Ultra, making it an ideal device for video calls, with a display that’s 1848 x 2960 and smooth at 120Hz.

As we noted in our review, it has four speakers, as well as a large amount of storage and a premium design, although it does feel fragile. With its Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Samsung has it all. You can even use it as a laptop if you buy a keyboard folio. While it is more expensive than some slates, its size makes it less portable.

Yoga Tab 13 by Lenovo

There’s something different about the Lenovo Yoga Tab 13, and that’s what makes it stand out. Besides working perfectly as a tablet, it also comes with a built-in stand and micro HDMI port, so it can be used as a second screen for your laptop or another device. Also, the Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 has a huge speaker compared to other tablets, so you can do anything with audio on it.

You also get a big 13-inch screen and a Snapdragon 870 chipset, which is moderately powerful.

We found the design made it hard to use with a case, and you don’t get a rear camera – another unusual move. This is the Android tablet you should get if a kickstand and micro HDMI matter to you.

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite from Samsung

Would you be happy to sacrifice some of the features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 for a less expensive device? This Android tablet from Samsung may be the best fit for you if you answer yes to the above question.

In terms of the chipset, the cameras, and the screen, it’s not as good as its sibling, but it’s almost half the price, so all of its specs are pretty impressive for the money.

With the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, you’re getting a remarkable product for the price (or shall we say, little) you’re paying. The rugged build and stylus included were particularly impressive. Despite the fact that it’s not particularly smaller or lighter than the Galaxy Tab S6, if you want to save a few bucks, then it may be the right choice for you.

Choosing the right Android tablet

The two most important factors to consider when buying a tablet are its size and price. Choose a screen size suitable for media consumption and productivity, as well as something smaller for portability.

You should also consider the amount you want to spend and the amount you need to spend. There are usually some savings to be had if you don’t require the highest level of power.

You should also pay attention to the screen resolution and battery life (along with the screen resolution is better) – obviously longer battery life is better, but how important it depends on whether you’ll most likely use your tablet at home (where you can plug it in at any time) or while out and about (where the battery might have to be used heavily).

Considering whether or not your tablet supports a keyboard or stylus before purchasing is also important if you plan to use it for work or creative purposes.

What is the importance of mobile data?

You can get a data plan with some tablets, but it will add to their cost – so think about how much you would need data when away from Wi-Fi – and remember that you can share your smartphone’s connection with your tablet.

Testing methods

We spent a lot of time reviewing each tablet in this guide, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Besides testing their performance with apps and games, we also checked out whether their screens looked good, whether their interface was intuitive, whether their batteries lasted long, and how their cameras performed, as well as their build quality and design. To come up with this ranking, we also took into account their prices and whether there are newer model tablet prices in Dubai available.