Best MacBook for College Students in 2022

It’s not easy to choose the best MacBook for college students. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are the only MacBook lines available right now, but each offers a range of models. There is a MacBook that will meet your needs, however. If you need help picking the right one, we’re here to help.

Among our list are machines suited to both light and heavy workloads, ranging from relatively affordable laptops to more expensive laptops. Even though these MacBooks are designed for different purposes, they all have excellent battery life – which is essential when you’re running around campus all day.

Back-to-school laptops for students

Summer is almost over, which means back-to-school sales are right around the corner. It is therefore the best time to search for a MacBook. There may be a small (but temporary) price drop on some of the new M2-powered laptops. Thus, keeping an eye on sales is a good idea then you can buy apple MacBook online.

What’s the best MacBook for college students now?

Although the MacBook Air M2 may top our list of best laptops and best MacBooks, the Air M1 takes the top spot in this particular buying guide. It still has more than enough power and energy efficiency to meet your needs, even though it is powered by an older M1 chip. Additionally, it’s one of the cheapest MacBooks.

The MacBook Air M2 is a better choice if you can afford it. The chassis has been redesigned to be similar to the MacBook Pro from 2021. Additionally, MagSafe support is available as well. If you are looking for a laptop that can rival a workstation in terms of performance, then you should consider the best MacBooks available in Pakistan.

The best MacBooks for college students you can buy today

Even two years after its release, the MacBook Air M1 remains one of our favorite laptops. However, it’s still a fine laptop, despite its recent overshadowing. Due to its affordability, this notebook is particularly beneficial to college students.

As the Apple MacBook Air uses Apple Silicon instead of Intel processors, Apple’s decision to do so has proven wise. Additionally, the M1 chip in the MacBook Air enhances clarity and color accuracy with signal processing tricks. A comfortable typing experience is provided by the Magic Keyboard as well. Movies and television shows with Dolby Atmos audio will sound even better.

With its 20% smaller volume and 0.44-inch thickness, this new Air lives up to its name. The screen is now 13.6 inches, and the bezels are slimmer than on the MacBook Pro M2. MagSafe charging, four color options, and a sharp 1080p webcam are also highlights.

What to look for when choosing a college laptop

The MacBook Air M1 is an entry-level laptop that’s perfect if you don’t push your laptop to its limits. This Macbook’s eight-core M1 chip and eight GB of RAM will amaze you with how fast it is. If you open many applications at once, you may want to upgrade your RAM to 16GB. A MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM is recommended for those who work with more demanding applications, or a MacBook Pro with 32GB of RAM if you’re using Intel-based applications. From top to bottom, storage is fast. As a middle-ground solution between the original M1 and the M1 Pro and M1 Max, the new M2-powered MacBooks provide an interesting alternative.

The only difference between the 13-inch MacBook Air and Pro is the wedge shape and slightly lighter weight of the Air. It’s 0.2 – 0.3 pounds heavier than the MacBook Air (2.8 pounds). It’s not surprising that the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which weighs 4.3 pounds, is best for people who don’t move around a lot or don’t mind the heft in their bag.

How we test the best college laptops

As we test MacBooks, we also use them as our main computer to determine which one is best. We can only recommend them (or not) once we are confident they are a good fit for you.

To determine the average brightness and color quality of each MacBook’s screen, we use a Klein K-10A colorimeter (rather than relying on Apple’s rating). As far as general performance goes, we have been using Geekbench 5 (CPU performance) and timing how long it takes the Macs to transcode a 4K video to 1080p. Also, we test these MacBooks’ SSDs using the BlackMagic storage speed test (spoiler alert: they’re all fast). Afterward, we tested each MacBook’s battery capacity while browsing the web over Wi-Fi (at 150 nits of brightness).