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Why You Need a Shower Repair and Bathroom Waterproofing

Leaking showers can cause significant damage to your property, be it residential or commercial. When you take a shower in your bathroom and find it is leaking, you feel irritated. That’s why it becomes imperative to call experienced plumbing specialists for your shower repairs.

You surely can’t miss any warning signs and take steps to get the shower fixed or repaired by a certified professional.

What are the Problems Caused by Leaking Shower?

There is a slew of problems caused by a leaky shower, such as damp mould and staining of floors that can damage the structure of your building. Moreover, in multi-storey buildings, the leaking can cause similar moisture issues on the floors beneath. So the leaking problem needs to be fixed soon.

In this article, we have highlighted why you require shower repair services.

1. Leaky Fixtures

Water leaks can increase your monthly water bills and lead to staining and mould development. There are potential causes of water leaks, such as loose-fitting showerheads, worn seals or hard water build-up. These plumbing issues require a day to get fixed. You have to call plumbing professionals to resolve them effectively.

There are certain situations in which a shower leak can be complicated. The scenario like your shower is leaking when it is off. This situation requires a plumbing professional to spot and fix the issue. Your shower may require replacement services in serious situations.

2. Mold Development

Your shower creates a humid environment that encourages mould and bacterial development. If you notice any green or black spots on your bathroom’s tiles, then you have mould in your home.

You can’t overlook mould development because it is unhealthy and causes respiratory issues, allergies, and rashes. It is essential to remove mould in the early stages because later, it becomes tedious to remove altogether. Mould can be found behind your shower tiles and in your fixture’s interior.

3. Chipped Shower Tiles

Damaged or Broken Shower tiles don’t look good in appearance, so they can also lead to cuts or injuries. These cracks allow moisture to seep through the tile, leading to damage and mould development.

If you notice a broken tile, get it replaced before things worsen. But there are scenarios in which damage seems to be more serious, encouraging retiling your shower.

4. Your Shower Door is Broken

Many glass shower doors deteriorate with years of use, so they need to be replaced at the right time to avoid damage. If your shower door shows difficulty sliding or allows water to leak in your washrooms, it’s the right time to consider a new one.

You should also check if there is any rust on the hinges or handles of your shower door. Moreover, try to check for any cracks or chips in the glass. It would be best if you never overlooked these kinds of shower door issues for too long. They will worsen with time, and all your bathroom floor gets covered with glass.

5. Your Shower is Old and Outdated

When everything seems to be working correctly, and your shower also does not show any signs of damage, homeowners feel they have to replace the outdated items from the bathroom. So they choose to upgrade the shower as per the modern trends.

Shower materials tend to lose their finish over prolonged periods and find it difficult to clean thoroughly. Older showerhead models are not as efficient as newer ones.

6. You dislike your Shower

One of the common reasons you need a shower repair is that you don’t like your shower due to any reason. Maybe you dislike the shower design or think it doesn’t function the way you wanted.

The water leakage problem in your bathroom causes damp walls and makes it difficult for people to use it. There can be many reasons for water leakage in your washrooms, leaking faucets, showers, or others. Bathroom waterproofing is an effective way to prevent the problem of water seepage.

Let’s understand the reasons to choose bathroom waterproofing in detail.

1. Prevents Water Leakages

Water leakage in washrooms affects the durability of walls and roofs and negatively impacts its aesthetics. A bathroom has many areas that are prone to leakages or damage. These include sunken slabs, pipes, joints, showers, tiles joints and more.

It is imperative to prevent leakages using practical waterproof bathroom flooring and its walls and ceilings. If they are not addressed, the water can reach electric circuits or boards, leading to catastrophic or life-threatening situations.

2. Prevents the Growth of Mould and Mildew

If there is excess water in your bathroom, it may lead to the growth of mould and mildew, which gives rise to the problems of coughing, wheezing, eye infection, skin irritation and breathing disorders. People with asthma tend to face a lot of problems due to mould and mildew development.

One of the best ways to prevent this situation is to get your bathroom waterproofed. Call professionals to estimate bathroom area for waterproofing to curb mould and mildew growth.

3. Maintain the Aesthetics

Waterproofing your bathroom floor and walls maintains the structure’s aesthetics, which consists of plumbing fittings, tiles and paint on the walls.

Get your bathroom waterproofed to prevent the spread of water leakage to the walls or adjacent rooms.

Contacting an experienced contractor for shower repair and bathroom waterproofing services is essential. The experts diagnose the issues and take measures to resolve them.

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