Narrow Lot House Designs

What things to consider while designing a new home?

Excitement and urge to design a new house are unmatchable. We all want to give a unique style and get the trendy Home Designs in Brisbane. Hiring an experienced and ace builder is crucial to having the house of your dreams. They can guide you on how many bedrooms you can have, the latest features you can’t miss, and how to accommodate many things in a small space? A house can be a perfect living space for you if it reflects your style, choice, and preferences. Interior designers and home builders need to consider your and your family’s requirements and provide you with an incredible house.

In this article, we focus on crucial things that you should keep in mind while designing your home for growing families.

Ensure you design your house for your family

Think and analyse the way you and your family want to live, which should be reflected in the new home designs. If you don’t want to pay for an extensive renovation, make sure that your house designs are as per your choice and needs.

For instance, you want to have a library in your house, choose a quiet place for it and ensure the natural light in the room.

Think about your budget in advance

It is imperative to determine your budget before meeting any builder or an architect. After knowing a rough estimate, the architect will give you options for different home designs.

Multi-functional Rooms

Multifunctional rooms are necessary for homes with growing kids. The room can be transformed as per the family’s needs without constant renovations every year. Go for flex rooms with transforming furniture.

Another benefit of flex rooms is their great storage facility, which can be useful for families with children.

Make sure your living space face the right direction

One of the common mistakes people do is keeping the living space in the wrong direction, which results in extreme hot house in summers and intense cold house in winters.

Orient your bedrooms and living rooms in the north direction to get Sun penetration to the maximum number of rooms possible.

Obviously the room alignment changes according to the part of Australia you live in.

Have Open Living Spaces in a new house

Selecting well-defined areas in a house is an incredible way of living. This helps in easy transitions as it is generally preferred by parents with children as it allows easy supervision.

Each area is connected to make the home look larger, and the spaces are designed with furniture and décor reflecting its purpose. The spaces are connected without hurdles to create a minimalistic interior design.

Design a new house with floor plans

While analysing floor plans, try to give a thought about furnishing your house and how you plan about using various rooms in your life.

It is imperative to visualize the size of your room and get an accurate room size to avoid future confusion.

Centralised Kitchen

Kitchens are the essential area of any house. Without them, you can’t call a living space a home. Focus on creating a central kitchen that makes multitasking easier and simpler because it is a common place where all family members meet and sit together to have daily meals.

Study Nook

Every home requires a quiet area where you can be alone with your thoughts and ideas. A study nook is more popular for families with children. In this corner, children can do homework and timeouts.

The best part about the study nook is that it can be converted into a library or office later. There are infinite possibilities; you can make it a recreational or hobby room.

Single level Vs. Multiple levels

It is your decision whether you want to have one level or more in your new house. Some people love to have a single level with no stairs to climb up and down.

Some Australians prefer traditional cape and colonial home styles with bedrooms on the second floor.

However, others want to have narrow lot house designs with multi-level houses.

Know your block of land and location

Try to make the most of your piece of land and surrounding location. If your chosen location has beautiful view and scenery, how would you want your space to be to enjoy those views from?

After understanding your location and surrounding area, you will have a better idea about choosing between a single and two storey designs.

It’s imperative to use the space intelligently in a narrow lot house. The rooms are designed in such a way to cater to your family’s needs without wasting any space. Narrow lot house designs involve building a house on a small piece of land without compromising on your comfort.

Try to consider these factors while choosing designs for your new home.

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