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What Things to Consider Before Buying Caravan and Its Awning?

Australia has several exotic places to explore, and Australians love to do adventures with family and friends over there. Nature strolling and camping is some of their favourite activities. The need for a caravan becomes prominent for comfortable and exciting camping. A caravan provides you with a space to relax amidst your hectic lifestyle. Caravans are available in a variety of designs and layouts.

Before buying a caravan, you have to look into several factors. This article focuses on points you need to keep in mind while purchasing a caravan.

1. Choose Caravan As per your Family

If you love to travel with your family, find a caravan that caters to your requirements. It has bunk beds; they can do on bunk beds whenever your kids feel lying down. It’s the comfort that matters. You don’t have to worry about the sleeping space for your kids whenever you are out for caravanning.

Pick up a caravan that gives you ample space for all your requirements.

2. Buy a Caravan Awning for adding Extra Space

It is imperative to purchase a caravan awning when you are caravanning. It makes your whole trip more spacious and comfortable. You can maximise your caravan space with an awning and enjoy camping at your favourite location.

Many awning manufacturers in the market provide you with a host of quality awnings that can give you extra space while exploring outdoor activities.

3. Think about Storage

Travelling with your family requires storage for different items. Before choosing a caravan, ensure that it has enormous space. Select the caravan with space underneath your beds and sofas. Lift the sofas and beds to check whether the area is sufficient or not.

4. Check for the Heating, Cooking and Electrics for a great experience

We can’t imagine our life without electricity. So in a caravan, it is crucial to have power sockets for performing various activities. When you are outdoors, you need to charge your mobiles. Ovens, toasters, kettles and grills require electric power to function. Or you can get your caravan customised as per your specific requirements.

5. Water and Toilet

While travelling on a long route requires the facility of toilets and clean water. It is essential to have two water rollers on a trip for making your journey less worrisome.

Ensure to have a freshwater supply for water rollers or other activities.

Focus on buying Caravan accessories, such as a Bike Rack, Minor Fixtures and Fittings, Outside Electrics, Gas and Shower, etc.

Finding an awning for your awning is an overwhelming process. It may look simple, but it’s not. The purpose of an awning is to double your floor space and provide you with more comfort and fun in your camping. Make sure to choose the right one as per your requirements.

We highlight the factors that you must take into account before buying a caravan awning.

1. Your needs

Assess your needs and try to ask yourself what kind of awning you require. Be specific with the type of awning you are looking. Why do you need an awning? You ought to be clear about this and get some idea from the following questions to buy the awning.

  1. Do you need an awning for the Sunshade?
  2. Do you require an awning to store your wet clothes or other items?
  3. Do you require an awning where your family can eat or sleep?
  4. Do you need a lightweight awning?
  5. Do you need an awning for your other caravans?

Find an awning with removable side panels if you want to protect yourself from the scorching Sun. Buy porch awnings if you want to consider a light weight and easy to install one.

2. Usage

What’s the frequency of the awning usage? Will you go on a road trip regularly? Will you explore adventures? Firstly, you need to determine how often you will use your awning. If you use your awning regularly, choose the ultra-durable one that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. In summers, you can use a lightweight awning. Depending on the season, select your awning.

3. Size

Be clear about the size for your awning. Knowing this will make your search better. The two important considerations for the measurements of your caravan awning are:

  • Length of awning rail
  • Ground height of caravan floor

4. Material

What kind of awning material are you looking for?

Acrylic is the standard material used for awning because it doesn’t fade, rot and shrink. However, it can be costly.

If you are looking for an airy and breathable awning, buy the one made of cotton. You can also choose Polyester if you don’t want too heavy or light awning.

5. Frame

When it comes to choosing your awning frame, you can have the following choices:

Traditional: It is heavy that needs complicated installation. The traditional frame provides extra space.

Inflatable: It requires simple installation. Be careful while choosing this frame. It can be round-shaped or traditional shaped.

6. Mudwalls

A mud wall is needed to keep your awning clean and dry. Make sure that the awning of your choice can protect you from dust and rainwater.

7. Leaks

A cotton awning will leak for the first time when you use it. It’s because the awning will absorb a few raindrops and seal cotton awning fibres. Before actual use, set up a caravan awning in your backyard to avoid this issue.

Keep these points in your mind before purchasing an awning from a Caravan Shop.

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  1. It’s great that you talked about assessing the needs first for owning an awning before buying one. I have a friend whose family goes on a road trip once a week, they usually do this in the summer, and last night, he asked me if I had any ideas about caravan awnings. Thank you for the tips on what to consider. I’ll tell him to consult with a caravan awning specialist.

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