SEO and Keywords Significance

What is Keyword and How is it Significant for SEO?

In terms of SEO – Keyword is a word or phrase search by any people/user in the search engine’s search box, or it is a key of word used by the search engines on the basis of user search query to revert the significant results in the front of searchers.

User Search Query

How Search Engine Works?

Basically every search engines works on three main functions:

Crawling – Scanning websites and discovered the content

Indexing – Storing collected/discovered information/content in the database

Retrieval – Fetch the relevant information or content on the basis of user’s search query

We will touch on this topic later in another article. For now, I have shared an embedded video below that will explain how the Google search engine work.


Significance of keywords in SEO

Keywords have an important role to boost the targeted traffic for the raise of the business online. As we have mentioned above, Keywords are words and phrases that are typed by the internet user in the search box of search engines, such as Google, to find the perfect matched website for their search query. So, without the keywords, we cannot grow business online. With the use of the right keywords, we can grow the business as well as achieve online sales success, and can boost right audience traffic on the website.

How to choose SEO keywords?

As you can see, keyword has a lot of power to grow a business through search engine Optimization. So, it is important to choose the perfect keywords, so as to, meet both your needs as well as those of your searchers (they are the same thing when people find in search result and come to your site). So, now the question is how you pick the right set of keywords for creating a master list of working keywords. You can follow the following tips, whenever choose the keywords.

  • Think about a searcher on your topic and generate or manage a list of keywords
  • Choose the keywords that are not most competitive, because if you choose competitive keywords it’ will be difficult to rank them in search engine. So pick the keywords that medium in competition and good in search volume.
  • Try to choose location based keywords to rank well in locally.
  • Take ideas from your competitors, what keywords they are used?
  • Use Google Trend to find out the latest trend in your stream and use trendy keywords.
  • Most important thing, deeply understand your business goals or requirements when you choose the keywords for business.
  • You can also use keyword tools like Keyword planner, Keyword tracker , SEMRush and more to take an ideas of your industry based keywords

Now you have a master set of keywords, filter out them on their search volume and competition and make a separate sheet for targeted as well as non-targeted keywords (these are the keywords that we can use for working in off-site work with the combination of targeted keyword)

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