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Trip to Manali – Tibet Monastery Himachal-Day 3

Day 3 was our final day and we had to checkout by 11 AM from the hotel. We enjoyed a nice breakfast and then packed our bags and checked out at around 10:45 AM.

Tibetan Monastery

Pic with Buddha StatueAfter that, we headed for the Tibetan Monastery. It’s a nice place too, not that crowded. But as soon as I heard I have to again get rid of my shoes to enter the temple, I decided to stay out.

Arv shared his experience and he told me it was Tibbet gods like Lord Buddha and other ancient gods were inside the temple and the statues were mostly 10-15 ft in height. 20 Rs was photo clicking charge and it was very quiet inside the temple.

Photographs inside and outside the temple

Finally, we clicked some photographs inside and outside the temple and after that, we headed out.

tibetan monastery manali

Tibetan Monastery - Photographs Inside Outside

Looking at the time we decided not to visit Van Vihar as we expected it to be mostly like the Hidimba temple, except the temple part. Hence, we called our driver and we left Manali at around 1 PM.

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The next few lines are not of Manali, but of on the way to home. We stopped for a snack break at a roadside dhaba, and as usual my experience of roadside dhabas got, even more, worse when I ordered dal, biryani and naans. I had to ask for reheat on the biryani and guess what ? i found a roti crumb inside my tasteless yukky biryani. I called the waiter and asked him to take back. My mood got really upset and i did not pay for the Biryani. But i noticed one thing while leaving, the guy saved that biryani and didn’t throw it away. I guess he would make that biryani worth for some other customer. God saves people from roadside dhabas.

After that we got back on our way and kept driving and not to mention we were caught by police and we had to pay a big challan(this challan story I would like to take to my grave ha-ha).

Here, I would also like to give some credit to the government for the development work it is doing in every corner of India. We came across numerous stops, halts and diversion due to development work being done in Himachal and on the way. Remember Atal tunnel? although we were away from Atal tunnel but we passed through 1 tunnel specifically that was around 3-4 kms long and on the way I think we saw around 4 to 5 tunnels being cut through the mountains and then later would be joined together to make a one big tunnel way kind of thing. Really appreciate the government and engineer’s efforts. Thank you guys for making human life more and more comfortable.

3-4 kms long tunnel in Manali way

I also remember one place where we wanted to stopped for photos because that spot was really really beautiful but our driver said that photos are not allowed here and to ensure that there was a police/military post as well. It was some kind of a dam/flood gate I guess, not sure. But the beauty of that place is indescribable blue water, clean and green environment, encircled by mountain and sun light giving it necessary lighting effects.

We were really sad because we couldn’t take pictures there but i think somehow that’s for the best, because i think if humans had been allowed there, they would have found the way to destroy that natural beauty somehow. Afterall humans on one hand is trying to give back to the nature but also destroying the nature in there own way knowingly or unknowingly.

But, to compensate we did stop at a similar but way less beautiful as compared to the previous place. It was in Sunder Nagar only and it was a fine place too. I also seemed to be some kind of dam or flood gate because the water seemed still, I think it was the same river at different places that’s flowing through Himachal Pradesh. We clicked many photos there and enjoyed a lot. There were too many chaat and burger vendors on that corner and I wanted to try some but other friends didn’t want to eat unhygienic food, especially after so many scams at roadside dhabas. Hence we didn’t eat anything there and only did our photo shoot.

Photos in Sundernager River Place

Anyways, for dinner we stopped at a Fancy Havelli restaurant near Chandigarh around 11 PM and it was fine as compared to road side dhabas and obviously the price was a bit high like around 300 INR for every dish but it was bearable atleast no one was scamming there I hope. We thanked the god for the food and finally headed towards home and reached home at around 1:30 AM.

Overall it was a nice experience. After all, life is made up of experiences and memories. We enjoyed it a lot and I hope you would find something useful and helpful for you in this blog.

Thank you for your time.

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