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Top 8 reasons to hire a criminal lawyer

A criminal lawyer is someone who specialises in handling criminal cases with implications such as rape, murder, extortion, etc. Criminal lawyers can work as both defence lawyers or prosecutors and they are authorised from bar association. The criminal laws are quite tricky, so whether you decide to plead guilty or not guilty to criminal charges levied against you, getting legal assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer can change the outcome of your case. Here are 8 stunning reasons why you should hire the services of criminal lawyers Perth.

1. Save you from stress and worry

The laws keep changing and complex issues often arise as a result. It takes years of education and experience to become a criminal lawyer. Steering your way through criminal lawyers matter will require you to understand the law in depth, such as the Criminal Code, the Crimes Act, the Criminal Procedure Act, the Misuse of Drugs Act, the Evidence Act, etc. By engaging an expert for your criminal law, you can save yourself from a significant amount of worry, stress, time and disruption to both your personal and professional life. All you have to do is find reliable criminal lawyers near me.

2. Support for police interviews

There is a time in criminal case when you are arrested and requested to participate in a police interview. If you are unsure what to say or how to interact with the police, or you want to know what your legal rights are, then it is important to take help of a criminal lawyer. There are several Criminal Lawyers Perth but you should always choose the one with experience and expertise.

3. Present your bail application properly

You don’t want to be remanded in custody while your case is under trial or for your criminal charges to be finalised. If you are refused bail by the court, you cannot have the application reheard before the same court unless there is some change in the circumstances. So it is important to appeal for it rightly in the first place. Criminal lawyers near me will help prepare and present your bail application properly. They will pay attention on the issues that need to be addressed when arguing for your release from custody.

4. Handle public interest submissions

A criminal lawyer knows how and when it is appropriate to make a public interest submission to the prosecution arguing why the charge against their client need to be cleared. This is a most positive outcome because the charge falls away without the need for undergoing a trial. Public interest submissions should be drafted in a specific way and address certain criteria as well. Only a proficient criminal lawyer can do this.

5. Present evidence accurately

In a criminal trial, the rules of evidence can be tricky and complex. For example, during the course of trial, unrepresented person often asks questions which do not necessarily comply with the rules of evidence. Their cross examination of a witness is likely to be met with objection and interruption from the prosecution resulting in the court ruling that they cannot continue with that line of questioning. Good criminal lawyers Perth will know what questions should be put to a witness and how the questions should be framed. They can also present legal arguments to the court about why a line of questioning is relevant and should be allowed in the court. These lawyers will also have a strategic plan for the cross-examination of particular witnesses who can eventually change the outcome of the case.

6. Reduce risk factor

Some people think that engaging a criminal lawyer is going to be an expensive deal but not hiring the services of a criminal lawyer Perth can cost you even more. Being unrepresented exposes you to higher risk that can lead to disastrous outcomes such as:

  • Bring found guilty when you are innocent
  • Being incorrectly or falsely charged
  • Sent you to prison when you should not
  • Your DNA being placed on the national database or state police
  • Being disqualified from obtaining or holding a driver’s licence when you can’t manage life without it
  • Termination of your employment because of your criminal record

An experienced criminal lawyer can assist you in avoiding these kinds of outcomes. When the stakes are high, the costs involved are always worth it. Making a phone call to criminal lawyers and arranging an appointment is free of any obligation. Attaining legal advice at an initial stage will help you to understand the difference a criminal lawyer can make.

7. Spot weaknesses in the opposition’s case

Expert criminal lawyers near me can identify loopholes and weaknesses in the prosecution case well before the matter even gets to trial. During the preparation for the trial itself, these lawyers can identify evidences that are inadmissible meaning that the prosecution will not be allowed to present them in court. They will even contact the prosecution before trial and ensure that the prosecution won’t lead or adduce that evidence during the trial.

8. Help you escape imprisonment

If you are convicted or plead guilty after trial and your matter is proceeding to a sentencing hearing, criminal lawyers Perth can help you avoid imprisonment. Your lawyer will understand the sentencing laws as it applies to your case and will present a plea in mitigation which will work to your benefit and save you from imprisonment.

You wouldn’t perform your own surgical operation, the same goes in case of criminal law case. By engaging a criminal lawyer, you can safeguard yourself against an undesirable outcome.

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