Effective tips to find the top dance companies in Australia

When you have binge-watched every season of World of Dance, tried dancing to every dance choreography on YouTube or even got motivated by a dancer on the street.

For whatever reason it is, if you are determined to put on your dancing shoes and sign up for dance classes, then the major challenge you might face is choosing the dance academy.

There are numerous dance companies available in every nook and cranny that is known to provide the instructions and resources to the dancers for their learning.

With the countless top dance companies in Australia, choosing the right dance academy can sometimes be overwhelming and daunting when you have so many options to choose from.

It is strongly recommended to research well and choose a dance academy that has been in business for years best-known to offer exceptional training in a variety of dance styles.

A dance academy is a dancer’s second home. Growing as a dancer is about how you train – and where you train, these are some of the important factors that has a lot to do with you growing as a dancer.

An incredible dance academy with a team of competent dance instructors will provide the instruction and resources for your learning, as well as a community of dancers to connect with.

Dance classes

If you are wondering how to choose the right dance studio for your dance classes, then below-listed are some of the tips that will help you make the process of finding the right dance studio a bit easier.

Tips to choose the right dance studio

  • Dance style focus

The fastest and the easiest way to narrow down your options of dance studios is to choose a dance style focus. Every dance studio has a main dance style in which they are renowned for or are highly trained in.

The first thing you should do is to pick a dance style you are currently most interested in to learn. The next step is to select a bunch of dance studios that are highly recommended on that particular dance style.

Discussion forums, Facebook page reviews, and website comments are some appropriate places to find out what other past students have to say about the studio. Other than that, checking the number of classes for a certain dance style will indicate how much focus is being placed on that particular dance style.

  • Faculty

Having a dance teacher with adequate experience in dancing is not enough, it is advised to choose a dance teacher with extensive years of experience in dance as well as experience in teaching dance. As a result, this helps you to achieve your growth in dance. The first and foremost step is to review the dance faculty in the studio. How long have the teachers been dancing? Do they have any experience performing in top dance companies in Australia? How long have they been teaching and how often? Have they ever trained students for competitions? If so, how were the results? These are some of the necessary questions that you must consider asking the dance faulty.

Depending on what you are looking for in a dance studio, it is always better to note down your questions before checking out the dance studio. Compatibility of teaching style is equally important. Some dancers like it when the teachers give strict instructions, while others like a softer approach. This can be reviewed during your trial class. Always remember to avail a trial class before finalising on the dance studio.

  • Cost

The cost might vary based on many different reasons such as location, reputation, dance style, class number intakes and many more. Before you start going for trial classes, it is better to contact a dance studio and inquire about dance class costs. By doing so, you can gauge how much you are willing to invest in that dance studio and compare it with the other dance studios.

The significance of costs also depends on why you are learning dance. Are you planning to be a professional dancer? Is this just a hobby? Are you interested in taking exams in future if there are any available? Find out the ‘why’ for learning dance and this will help you set an expectation of how much you are willing to invest.

  • Exposure

Exposure means how much time a dance studio is willing to invest in you to put your dance in front of an audience. It could be in the form of annual recitals, performances, and competitions. This factor is dependent on how well-versed your dance studio is with the dance world.

Questions to ask yourself when choosing the right dance studio plays a vital role. It is important to learn about the dance studio you are planning to join does the studio hold recitals? Are they well connected with other dance companies and dance organisers’? Are they diligent in training and sending their students to competitions? These are some of the necessary questions to ask from the dance studio people before joining one.

  • Environment

This is the trickiest one since you won’t know exactly how the dance studio’s environment would be until you start taking classes for several months. The environment of the dance studio should bring about a positive, inspiring and encouraging atmosphere, be it among the faculty or the students.

One of the hints to pick up on a positive environment of a dance studio is when the existing students try to connect with you in the trial class. Whether it is a friendly hi and introduction, or someone helping you to go through the dance steps when you get lost in class, these are all subtle signs that show you are going to a place filled with positivity and you would want to come back for classes next time.

Always remember, the dance studio you choose will be your second family, thus, make new friends during your trial class and trust your gut when it tells you that you are in the right place or to move on.

Bottom line, it is advised to take a trial class and look out for these above-stated things when choosing the right dance studio. It is a process of discovery. When it feels right, trust your instincts. And for the rest of the time, explore new dance form and enjoy dancing.

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